Vision, Mission & Value

Image 01 Vision
Enrich the quality of life by meeting essential needs of farmers.

To Make Uttarakhand the Organic Capital of India

Mountains by their sheer geographical features were bypassed by the green revolution. By default and need, farm operations continued with what was available in nature. Data and reports show that collection of leaf litter from forests is an essential chore of every mountain household. The chore by tradition is carried out mostly if not exclusively by the female gender. It is common knowledge that more than 90% farm area is rain fed, mountain regions have more than 85% forest cover. Harsh, torrential rainfall causes the loss of important topsoil every year. Typical socio-geographical situations have led the farming communities to relinquish whatever little chemical fertilizer was introduced to them.

We shall be the most respected company in the businesses and geographies we operate in. Our growth and success will be achieved by: Achieving competitive cost Levels. Increasing productivity & efficiency. Improving economic status of the farmer. Developing genuine relationship with the farmer. Employees are our strength, and we will create an environment that fosters achievement, innovation and teamwork.

  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Organisational and individual growth
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Fairness
  • Care